You have a good business up and running but now there’s a problem. The one receptionist handling your front office is not able to handle the call volumes, which are steadily increasing alongside the number of inbound visitors. If you are facing this dilemma, then a virtual receptionist may be the best answer to your problems.

Answering services like message taking, call transfers , appointment booking, order lines are some of the most important services that a business can offer its clients. This is especially important because most people who call on a company’s line either need help or are prospects looking for services.

When clients call up, they are more comfortable and satisfied if they speak to people rather than mechanized voices asking them to type in their preferences. A receptionist is also a company’s brand ambassador in many ways because he or she has contact with most people everyday. Missing out on inbound calls might mean that you are missing on business and it doesn’t take much for a customer to switch loyalties.

In such a case you could consider taking the help of a reception overflow. A reception overflow services handles those extra calls when a company’s telephone lines are busy, offering seamless connectivity and timely response.

In message taking services, virtual receptionists will answer phone calls meant for your company promptly, which means no more queues and missing out on calls., Messages will be sent and calls transferred to an unlimited number of contacts, departments and branches. Virtual receptionists also book appointments so that you don’t lose your clients to competitors. Order calls will be taken in your company’s name. Your clients will never know they didn’t speak to someone from your company.