Our Hamilton, Ontario call centre is growing, quickly.

With twenty additional team members in our family it was time to get to know each other better.

On August 13th our Hamilton Call Centre held a meet and greet to get to know our newest team members outside of the office.

In the past two months, AnswerPlus Hamilton has hired an additional twenty team members. This brings our family up from fifty to seventy. Of course, with such rapid growth not everyone has had the opportunity to get to know each other as they would like to.

Enter the AnswerPlus meet and greet event.

Held over 2.5 hours on the rooftop of a restaurant around the corner from our Hamilton Office, we were able to play ice breakers and play a few other get to know you better games.

The most popular by far was the ‘not so truthful, introduction game’. Players had 10 seconds to learn the name of the person on their right. (They were encouraged to stand beside someone they wanted to get to know a better.) Then we quickly went around the room and introduced each other to the group in the most creative way possible, and there was only one rule. You could say anything you’d like, however you did have to end it with, “My friend (insert persons real first name here).”

We had members of royalty, inventors of the paperclip, astronauts and mimes. Elaborate stories were told as team members decided to build on the stories of their neighbours. It was a fun, light hearted game that quickly encouraged everyone to mingle and talk.

Now enough typing, below are some of our pictures of the event. You can find even more photographs on our AnswerPlus facebook page.


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