Although the range of communication options is increasing, telephones continue to be the most popular, especially in business. Maintaining good telephone etiquette goes a long way in ensuring that your clients and customers are satisfied with your services. The moment you or your company representatives answer a business call defines your relationship with the customers. The first impression is crucial and it is important to build a comfortable yet professional rapport.

If you are maintaining a professional answer call service for your clients, it is important to respond immediately – ideally within three rings. After you pick the call, ensure that you greet the caller with a smile as it sets a cheerful tone. Event though the caller cannot see your face, keeping a smile when speaking creates a different aura that can be sensed on the other end. Introduce your name and your organization when you first pick up the call.

It is important to keep your tone to a moderate volume as you do not want to give the impression of yelling. The caller may not be from around you so ensure that you speak clearly and slowly. At all costs, avoid using a speakerphone as it suggests to the caller that you are not devoting your full attention. If you are working with multiple telephone lines, seek permission from the caller before you put them on hold. It is considered rude to put callers on hold without permission. Ensure that you update the caller every 30-45 seconds and offer other choices.