What do you do when you have 60+ Virtual Receptionists working for you?

Well first off, you make sure you show your appreciation for all of their hard work daily. And on top of that, you never forget Administrative Professionals  Day! (This year Admin Appreciation day was on April 22nd)

So in true AnswerPlus fashion, not only did we make sure that we celebrated Administrative Professionals Day, but we may have gone a tad bit over board…again… -Sorry, not sorry.-

Exactly how did we celebrate our Virtual Receptionists on this special day? Well first off we did the most important thing. We said a BIG Thank You! Our team of Virtual Receptionists are without at doubt the best in all of North America. The quality  of work that they do in a day would shock you. (It still shocks us and we work here.) Our team are always wowing our callers and going above and beyond in everything that they do. Truly, we couldn’t wish for better even if we wanted to.

If someone happened to forget that it is Administrative Professionals Day, the moment they walked into either of our offices (Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton) they would quickly remember. Because flowers are everywhere! It’s all the eye’s and nose can see and smell for the entire day. (And the next few after it as we gift all of them out to everyone.)

Personally, it’s my favourite day of the year, I love the smell of fresh flowers.

Without a doubt, AnswerPlus is blessed to have an environment and the team members that make working here a positive experience. Year after year we compete in the CAM-X awards, and they have never let us down. We are competing once again and if we win it will be the twenty second year in a row that AnswerPlus will have received such a prestigious title.

This is on top of the “Best Overall Call ” award that our own Brian Tripple from our Toronto Call Centre brought home last year. This award was extremely humbling to receive.
I suppose at the end of the day there is nothing more to say then Thank You, to our amazing team of Virtual Receptionists. Year after year they continue to raise the bar and take AnswerPlus to new highs of customer service excellence. We are grateful for the incredible dedication and effort that they put into their work everyday.