Running a National Call Centre requires consistent and efficient training.

Without our training methods we would not have won any of the awards we have.

Ever been so frustrated with the training system in your office that you’ve half-heartedly (or maybe even seriously wondered) if going back to the old school methods of using the above-pictured training stick would be worth it?

If this is you then you have come to the right place. We have mastered not only a solid, positive training system for our employees but have successfully rolled the system out our other call centers as a top national call centre in the industry.

So why are your training systems failing you?

1. You’re taking it too seriously.

Training and educating your call center employees is an extremely important tool for creating award winning customer service. However, approaching training in a severe manner isn’t going to make your team members feel comforted and safe to ask questions. They are going to get nervous and when they are nervous they will make mistakes. And even worse, they will try to hide their mistakes.

I don’t think we have to say anything more about what hiding mistakes can snowball into.

2. You’re not explaining the why.

Training your team members is 50% education and 50% explanation. If you just tell them what they are going to do but fail to explain what will happen if they don’t or why it must be a specific way. Then you are setting your team members up for failure.

If you want them to give 110% to your customers, then you have to give 150% in their education.

3. You’re talking at them, not teaching.

As I mentioned above. Training is 50% explanation. How do you expect to correctly explain a new system to your employees when you are talking all the time? You have to encourage discussion. There is no such thing as a foolish question. If your employees don’t feel like they can ask any question, then you are not going the 150% that you need to be.

Long story short. A solid training system means always Going Above and Beyond for your employees.