You can’t describe the AnswerPlus affect, you can only feel it.

Trying to define the AnswerPlus Affect is like trying to explain the colour orange to a person who is colour blind. You can try, but putting words to a colour it just isn’t possible.

When you walk into an AnswerPlus call centre you notice it immediately. You won’t be able to put your finger on what it is, but there will be no denying it’s something.

So why am I rambling on about something that can’t even be described accurately?  It’s because we have done it again.

Two weeks ago we opened a temporary call centre here in Hamilton, Ontario. With a contract that is only five weeks long, we expected to have difficulties staffing as employees moved on to different jobs etc.

Instead what we have is an amazing team who go above & beyond for each other. We no longer have any need for employment ads,  current team members are  happy, so much so that as I type this we have more referral’s then we are able to interview.

I wish I could tell you how we do it. Sharing tips and explaining the culture as we have done in previous posts is one thing. But after seeing what happens when AnswerPlus chooses to build a new family from the very start to finish, I can tell you that what we have is very special.

I wish I could share the secret with the world. I wish I knew it. Is it that we live our core values? Is it because we honestly respect each other? Is it because management grows up within the Call Centre? Perhaps it’s all of the above and more.

Beyond physically being in the call centre, I would expect that the next best example would be our YouTube Videos.  I invite you to watch one or two, perhaps they will help to demonstrate just why we all struggle to explain exactly what we have.