This is the only gift your customers want this holiday season.


I was considering a decorative lamp as a gift for my sister-in-law, but because of its unique design, I wanted to see it lit before making the purchase. The good news was that it came with batteries… the bad news was that they were dead! I took the lamp to the front counter, and asked the clerk if she could replace the batteries for me. Without a word, she turned her back to me and started pulling batteries from a drawer behind the counter. I told her how sorry I was as I watched one of her false finger nails pop off, and I genuinely felt bad for her as she spent 5 minutes trying several sets of batteries before finding some that worked.

We could have shared a chuckle over this, if the clerk had even once  turned around… or said a word to me besides “cash or debit?”

The best gift that you can give to your customers is YOU!

They’ll appreciate the attention, and you might enjoy the interaction too.

Telephone Tip – Be generous when telling callers how much time you need

Sometimes we need time to access customer files, check stock etc. It may even be more appropriate to return a customers’ call rather than asking them to wait on the line.

Life happens and you may not be able to meet a “well-intentioned” deadline, so be realistic and give yourself extra time. If you think it will take 30 seconds, ask for 2 minutes. If you need 30 minutes, ask for an hour. It’s always better to under-promise and over-deliver!

The staff at AnswerPlus wishes you Peace, Health, & Happiness now and in the year to come.

Please celebrate responsibly.