Born from Necessity

AnswerPlus was founded in 1961, by Dolly Lloyd after her husband had a series of heart attacks and was unable to work. 

Knowing that she would have to provide for her family, Dolly invested all her life savings into starting her business. Little did she or anyone know at the time, but Dolly was beginning what would grow into a thriving and award Winning Customer Service team.

Having no additional funds, Dolly would staff her entire operation on her own. Living with her switchboard 24/7, for six entire months.

Dolly Lloyd:

It is because of Dolly Lloyd and her bravery that AnswerPlus was born.


 Dolly Lloyd with her switch board. Her originally board is on display in our Hamilton Call Centre. 


This story is far from over:

Dolly’s story requires more than one small blog post in order to do her justice. Her determination to see her business thrive and most importantly. Her values when it came to her employees we far beyond her time. 

Stay tuned as we dig deeper into Dolly’s Story, and bring you a deeper into the History of AnswerPlus.