The Overhead Door Co. of Edmonton is a second-generation, family owned and run business that takes pride in treating their customers like family. Since 1961, they have provided an outstanding level of service to residential and commercial customers because they understand that service calls are about more than just fixing equipment; they’re about helping people and making them feel safe.

“We deal with overhead garage door issues that can affect any family or business 24/7, and to maintain that level of service around the clock, we needed to find a call centre that would extend the same warm and caring feeling after hours that we deliver to our customers throughout the day” said Sarah McMullan, Residential Service & Marketing Manager. “We were delighted to find AnswerPlus, another family owned company, who has dedicated themselves to making every customer feel like their call was the most important call they received all day.”

After determining the urgency of each call, AnswerPlus reassures callers with issues impacting security, the ability to enter or exit a building, or those experiencing loss or damage to property, that technicians are already on the way, while details regarding non-urgent issues are automatically emailed to the appropriate personnel first thing the following business day. “Answer Plus has helped us maintain our friendly, professional image even when we can’t be there to answer ourselves.”

Workers in cubicles or shared work spaces are so visible that they seem always to be available to one another and everyone else. We need to remind ourselves that they are not. Workers in open-office areas need to have their time and their space respected. We wouldn’t barge into someone’s office through a closed door, so we shouldn’t enter a cubicle or workspace without asking, “Is this a good time to talk?” Similarly the practice of standing up and leaning over a cubicle wall to talk to a co-worker should be gently discouraged by asking “Would you mind coming around so we speak more comfortably?”

And remember… voices can carry farther than we sometimes think! We need to make an effort to moderate the volume, and of course be discreet when discussing confidential matters.