The 2016 Summer Olympic games outlines how preparation, hard work, team work and learning from adversity can lead to great success! 

Turn on the News at just about any time of day and you are sure to be witness to the conflict and devastation of a World in turmoil.  This past Friday the World’s eyes turned from difficult images, toward a celebration of 207 Nations coming together in peaceful competition.

For the next two weeks we will cheer on our countries athletes, we will live in the moments with each athlete during their highs and their lows, the wins and the losses.  We will be with them to celebrate on the podium and to offer reassurance in the face of defeat.  The Olympic games inspires people to show others support and compassion, a reminder that as a team we can accomplish great things and that failure is an opportunity to improve and return stronger!


 Our Canadian Olympic team has made history in two events just two days into competition.  Penny Oleksiak, a 16 year old swimmer has already won two medals for Canada, one in the 4X100m Freestyle Relay with her team mates, Sandrine Mainville, Chantal Van Landeghem and Taylor Ruck, and one in the 100m Butterfly (the first Canadian medals in these events in 40 years).  Our men’s volleyball team stunned the USA team with a 3-0 win.  Our women’s synchronized 3m springboard team (Jennifer Abel and Pamela Ware) had a fantastic showing and ranked 4th in the world!  Finally our women’s Rugby 7’s are in medal contention and have had a strong showing so far in the 2016 games!

Being witness to athletes form all different nations, showing each other support, sincere happiness and great sportsmanship, regardless of the outcome for their own team is nothing less than inspiring!

As we start the week on the heels of a truly inspiring Olympic weekend, I am reminded to prepare, work hard, give 100% and learn from my failures.  To face adversity with grace and to look to the support of the fantastic team at AnswerPlus, that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide award winning customer service!