“No one and no business is immune to mental illness.” ~Greg Southerland

But there is hope!  

A report was released by the Conference Board of Canada regarding the impact of mental illness in the workplace.  

I got a message from Michelle Johnston who runs a business advising employers how to create an environment of wellness Working Well in the workplace, advising of a feature by CBC The National last night highlighting the call to action issued by the Conference Board of Canada regarding the mental health of Canadian employees and the employers role in addressing the issue.  An issue that AnswerPlus is passionate about!

Healthy brains at work, The National


The report called Healthy brains at work, outlines the cost mental health illness has on the Canadian economy.   If everyone was treated appropriately and effectively for depression and anxiety the Canadian economy would be see a boost of an estimated 49.6 Billion dollars.

1.3 million Canadians reported mental health issues last year and 1 million of those people were employed.  

AnswerPlus cares deeply about its employees and understands the need for a well balanced work environment.  In order to maintain a strong culture it is so important that our customer service agents have access to the resources needed to keep them happy and healthy.  

Part of keeping our call center agents healthy is to provide an effective Employee Assistance Program, create an environment that removes the stigma associated with mental health issues and encourage employees to reach out when needed.  Our CSR’s all have access to a compassionate and supportive management team and professional resources available 24 hours a day.

Although no one is immune to mental health issues, with proper care and support there is hope.