When is the last time you reviewed your Customer Experience?

As we send the kiddies back to school and settle back into our routines, it’s the perfect time to examine what it’s like to BE our customer. After calling a service company and making several ‘digital’ choices, a recorded voice advised me of the expected wait time and I was placed on hold with music. Occasionally I received a ‘sign of life’ as the disembodied voice assured me “that my call was important and would be answered in sequence.” After a fairly lengthy (but not unanticipated) wait, I reached the customer service person, who found it necessary to place me back on hold to retrieve some information. I was on hold for several minutes but this time  there was NO music and NO ‘sign of life’… in fact NO sound at all… leaving me to wonder if I should continue to wait or if we’d been disconnected.

They almost had it right… but close only counts in horse-shoes! Give your customer experiences a check-up to make sure you aren’t falling short of excellence.  

Telephone Tip – Use your VOICE to Calm Upset Callers

We all know that it’s not just what we say… it’s how we say it. This is especially true when speaking with someone who is upset.  

Lower the volume – we all raise our voices when we are upset. Speaking more quietly conveys a non-confrontational attitude and your caller will soon follow suit.

Lower the register – deeper voices are interpreted as more re-assuring so they have a calming influence  

By Barbara Bradbury