As the American people gear up to vote today, I have a few tips to help Canadians survive the American election.  The first step to any survival situation is preparation!   You can start by making sure you get AnswerPlus to cover your calls, then follow the steps below.  

Step 4.  Don’t look directly at the television screen.

Cant watch


Just like when you are watching a scary movie, it is best practice
  to watch through your fingers or from safely behind a couch cushion.


Step 5. Put on every stitch of your Team Canada gear.


Chances are you will need the red and white reminder, that

you are indeed Canadian.

Step 6.  Make sure to have a framed picture of Justin Trudeau on your coffee table.

justin trudeau

Not only as a secondary reminder that, yes, you are indeed Canadian,

but also because he is just undeniably hunky. 


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