As the American people gear up to vote today, I have a few tips to help Canadians survive the American election.  The first step to any survival situation is preparation!  You can start by making sure you get AnswerPlus to cover your calls, then follow the steps below.  


The final step.  Have fun with it! 


Remember stopping at the liquor store?  Put those drinks to

good use!

May I suggest a drinking game?

Here is how it goes;

Take a shot every time you hear the word, “email” or “wall”

or “email” or “rich” or “email” or “Great”

or “email”

AnswerPlus understands if after all you are about to go through, while we watch our brothers and sisters to the south, make an important decision, if you need a few days bereavement to grieve, we will be right here to support you and your business.  As always, we have you covered!


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