The telephone has always been a popular medium for transacting business. Since the telephone does not allow us to see the person on the other side, in most cases, we often judge a person by what they say and how they say it.

People often make instantaneous decisions based on your confidence, competence and tone, and this often happens within the first thirty seconds.

Everyone understands the importance of a good first impression but not everyone makes a conscious decision to make one. Some people switch to autopilot when speaking to a prospect and end up sounding insincere, annoyed and mechanical.

There are three important concepts to consider when attempting to make a good first impression:

Keep a positive attitude

Whether you are making or receiving a phone call, maintain a positive attitude. Make yourself fully present to the person on the other side. You are on the phone because you want to help or educate your callers.

Actually smiling when speaking on the phone is evident to your callers. A great tip is to keep a mirror near your phone to remind yourself to keep up that grin.

Your voice is like a calling card

Customers don’t have to be around you to understand what’s on your mind. Your voice on the telephone will tell them volumes about your current mood.

It doesn’t matter if it is the first call of the day or the last. Make sure that your voice is fresh and upbeat. People want to trust you and by making them feel like their call is the only call they you received all day will accomplish just that.


The only way you can know what the person on the other end of the line needs is by listening. Yet it is a fact that we listen only 25% of the time.

Listening is not easy and takes a lot of practice and discipline. By listening, speaking with a positive attitude in a friendly and upbeat voice, you increase the chances that people will do business with you.

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