The telephone interview is proving to be quite effective for companies searching for good candidates. Before prospective employees are called on-site for further rounds, the human resource department can screen the best prospects from a large pool of candidates.

Therefore, you should consider the process very seriously. Note that before you are shortlisted for an on-site interview, you will have to pass the telephone round. If you can choose when you want to be spoken to, you should schedule the interview for a time when you are at your best mentally.

More tips to get ready for a telephone interview:

  • Try to find out how many people will be on the call. Sometimes, it’s only one person. Other times, you may have to speak to a team or a committee. Also, find out if the interview is going to be conducted via telephone only or will a web based audio-video service such as Skype be involved.
  • When you are going to give your telephone interview, dress in interview attire. The formality of the dress will carry through when you speak to the interviewer on the phone and you will answer questions more seriously.
  • Place a mirror nearby when you are speaking. Look into the mirror and remind yourself that you have to smile as you talk.
  • Keep a glass of water on the table so that you can sip from it if you feel your throat is going dry.
  • Take the call from your home or a quiet location. Don’t take the call from the mall or a busy location. Speak from a landline and not from a mobile phone.
  • Do not use the hands-free option on the phone, as your voice may get distorted.
  • Don’t do anything else when you are speaking on the phone, like typing, eating or chewing. These activities will distract you and may also be heard by the interviewer.
  • Keep any information you might need, by your side such as company information, the interviewer’s or the committee’s biography, photographs and any questions that you may have.
  • If you are giving a Skype interview, the room around you should be neat. So no toys, pets, television sets, etc.
  • After the interview, send a short email thanking the interviewers for their time and follow it up with a written note. If you don’t hear from the company in two weeks, call back for an update or send an email, stressing that you are interested in the position.