When customers call a business they are looking for an efficient and positive experience. If your staff is able to identify with their needs able to deliver a positive experience, brand loyalty and goodwill for your company is created.

Here are a few tips on telephone etiquette that you can use to improve your customer interface.

When you answer the phone, smile

When you smile when answering a phone call, you send a message to your brain that you are in a congenial, happy and pleasant mood. This effects the tone you take and the manner in which you answer. When you smile when answering the phone, callers hear a friendliness in your voice.

Speak slowly and clearly

Speak slowly and with articulation, taking deep breaths regularly. If your speech is not coherent and you appear to be mumbling, your customers struggle to converse and ultimately connect with you.

Refer to callers by their name

Most people like the sound of their own name. It shows them that they are important to you.

Be friendly but courteous

Speak to your callers respectfully and courteously throughout the interaction. You don’t know how callers will judge you and by extension your company.

And the final rule

Treat customers the same way you would like to be treated.. This proves that you empathize with them and are ready to help them in any way you can.

These rules may seem basic, and many companies are living them. Successful companies have built in these basics into their work culture. Develop a customer centric attitude, and understand that every phone call is a chance to build customer share.