As the American people gear up to vote today, I have a few tips to help Canadians survive the American election.  The first step to any survival situation is preparation!  You can start by making sure you get AnswerPlus to cover your calls, then follow the steps below.    

Step 1.  Stop at the liquor store.

liquor Store

Stock up peeps!  You know its going to come in handy, one way or another!

Step 2.  Pick up a Costco size box of Kleenex.


There will be tears. 

Like summer camp, you cry for the friends you don’t want to see leave, and

cry in fear, of who might show up on the next bus.


Step 3.  Make sure you have someone for moral support.moral-support-2

No one should have to watch alone.

There is a guarantee that at some point you are going

to need someone else to ask, “did that just happen?”

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