For 14 years our Toronto Call Center has been celebrating the people who make AnswerPlus the award-winning Answering Service that we are today.


Named after Dolly Lloyd, the woman who founded AnswerPlus back in 1961, the Dolly’s are when we present AnswerPlus employees with their years of service awards. In addition we also celebrate the team members who most embody the core values of AnswerPlus, Think Like the Caller, Kaizen (Continuous and Never Ending Improvement), Respect and Admire the People We Work With, Set the Bar High, and Always Go Above and Beyond.

This is also the time when we present one employee with the Dolly Award. The Dolly award is given to the employee who scores the most perfect evaluations in a year. This year our Dolly Award was presented to Sallux.


Each employee gets evaluated once a month on a random call and must score at least a 90% to pass, Sallux scored 120 out of 100 on eleven of his twelve evaluations! We were so pleased to be able to present him with the Dolly award this year. Congratulations and well deserved Sallux!!

Last year AnswerPlus added a new award to our roster, the Rock Star Award. The Rock Star Award goes to the a specific team member who we feel deserves to be recognized for how hard they work and give back to their fellow team members. 


This year we presented the Rock Star Award to Patty Ault. Patty has been with AnswerPlus for 24 years. She began her career as a virtual receptionist and quickly moved into programming. She is an invaluable member of our production team. It’s safe to say that without her knowledge and expertise our ship wouldn’t have such smooth sailing! Thank you Patty!

This year was also especially special because we were able to celebrate not only our core value award winners and tenure awards, we were also able to recognize two wonderful women who are retiring from our Toronto Office. Brenda Bowen was our Operations Manager and with our company for eighteen wonderful years and Carol Leslie was a virtual receptionist with us for sixteen years.

This year has come and gone. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us!