Let’s be honest. The moment you hear ‘Call Center’ your mood darkens a bit.

But what if, what if for just a moment we looked past the stigma, and found something completely different?

What if, you found an environment of support, laughter and, dare I say it? Happiness.

Most likely you’d be skeptical.

And why wouldn’t you? The stigma surrounding our industry is just about as negative as it comes.

But what if a Toronto Call Center was everything you expected it not to be? Would you believe us?

AnswerPlus has been a staple in the call centre industry since 1961. Like many family owned Answering Services, it began with a dream and the drive to achieve it. Dolly Lloyd began what to this day is a call center unlike many others.

And we couldn’t be more proud.

So just how is our Call Centre different?

Well I’m going to begin with what may be the most important factor.

AnswerPlus is not a telemarketing company. Simply put, we never have, and never will be.

When the bread and butter of your business is customer service you have to focus on it one hundred percent. It’s not easy to create, encourage and support a team who will deliver the top notch service that you need to provide. Introducing what can often be aggressive and demoralizing sales tactics into your company just won’t cut it.

Long story short. Sales people are fantastic at sales. Customer service providers are fantastic at customer service. I don’t think I have ever seen the two sides work in complete harmony.

Now, how do you fight the negative stigma our industry has been given

Well, to be as confusing as possible. You simply don’t.

For example. Have you ever been called by telemarketers, asked them to remove you from their list only to be called an hour later? Of course you have, we all have. The point I’m trying to make is that you are in this situation helpless. You  can’t force them to remove you from their list. All you can do is manage the best you can and try and prevent them from calling again. (If you have an iPhone I suggest simply blocking the number).

It is the same for us. The best we  can do is manage and encourage people to look past the stigma of Toronto call centers.

AnswerPlus is a Toronto Call Center. We are proud to be so.  We do not offer telemarketing services. We are a Answering Service. And there are other call centers in the GTA which are just like us. They do not offer telemarketing. They are your IT Helpdesk, your customer service lines, and your emergency dispatch stations.

Not all call centers are the negative work places of high churn rates and sales quotas. But trying to teach  the world that not all of us is the same just isn’t going to work.

In this situation we are helpless. However, that does not mean that our Toronto Call Center, and other centers like ours will change because of it.

There will always be that one good guy. And we are proud to be a part of the select few.