Our Toronto Call Centre shares their tips for maintaining and building the team work in your own office.

So I think we can safely say, I have (or at least attempted to) build up enough anticipation about what  one of the AnswerPlus, best tried and true team builders.

I think it’s also completely obvious from the image.

I am of course, talking about trivia night!

Trivia night helps your team learn a lot about each other. It encourages their competitive sides to come out, which you don’t always see in the office. Learning about who is competitive helps you too. You will learn who will be your drivers, and who are the passengers. Who is able to reign in their competitive nature, for the sake of having a fun.

It’s also an excellent tool for discovering your shrinking violets. The people who you know could be taking part, but are a bit too nervous to do so. Those are the team members who may need a bit of encouragement. After I notice who needs a bit of a nudge, I make sure that next time there are topics  in the mix which I know they can easily answer. I find that using their hobbies, especially, helps to encourage them to speak up.

Trivia is an excellent way to laugh and just enjoy yourself. At our trivia nights there are no prizes, it’s just fun. We work to always mix up the teams (so there is no stacking the deck) and try to keep it as even as possible.

Give it a try, you will love the results and insight you’ll get.