Temporary or Permanent, it does not change how we celebrate at AnswerPlus.

Our Toronto call centre opened up a temporary ‘pop up’ call centre in Hamilton, Ontario this month. Answering for a temporary Toronto office contract, our new pop up team has become an extension of our AnswerPlus family.

IMG_1658  When our temporary team learned that it was Sonita’s birthday (you can see her waving with the lovely pink birthday ribbon) and Marlenes THIRTY year anniversary at AnswerPlus, well we had to celebrate these milestones. And as we all know, at AnswerPlus we love to celebrate with food, and lots of it!

IMG_1646Of course there was more food than we could possibly have eaten, and the tiny fridge in the kitchenette could not have held it all. So instead of tossing it out our team called the Hamilton YWCA.

We asked the YWCA if our potluck food would be of any good to them. Their answer? A big YES!! So we quickly packed up the four, huge, platters of food and delivered it to them. The women at the YWCA advised us that it would be enough to split between the third and fourth floors.

All in all, it was a fantastic day in our pop up call centre. Everyone was able to go home full, and we were able to give back to the community in a small way.

Just another day at AnswerPlus.