At our Toronto Dolly Awards our team members are recognized for exemplifying our Core Values. Dana Lloyd AnswerPlus CEO handed out the awards this year.

Below is the wonderful speech she wrote.


We have 6 Core Values and 1 guiding principle that are so critical to the culture and operations of our business.  I know everyone knows them but I will mention again as a reminder:

Respect and Admire the People we Work With

Wow the Caller

Think like the Customer

Passionate about Making a Difference

Continuous and Never Ending Improvement

Set the Bar High

Guiding Principle:  Always do the right thing…. regardless.

Our core values are the traits or qualities that we consider not just worthwhile, but they represent our highest priorities, our deepest held beliefs, our core and fundamental driving forces.

They form the foundation for everything in our office.  They aren’t a laundry list of €œnice€ qualities or something that can be copied from another organization’s list of core values.   They have to be something that we, as an organization, truly believe and therefore execute.

Without our core values we would be driving blindly.  We wouldn’t have standard principles in which to base decisions.  We wouldn’t have as strong of a team because everyone would be coming to the table with different values and different agendas.  We wouldn’t be able to operate as efficiently because each process and procedure would require so much detail and analysis.

I am so proud of our core values and so pleased to present the core values to the following people.  These people truly exhude our core values.

Respect & Admire the People We Work With  


Shannon has a deep respect for her co-workers and is always open to their suggestions.   She has proven to be a team player and is quick to assist those who need help. She recently overheard a co-worker keep a suicidal child on the line while a counselor was called. Shannon told everyone in Operations how well the call was handled and that we should all learn from it.


Wow the Caller


Adam is extremely patient, extremely respectful and always has enough time to listen to the caller fully.  Adam has had more compliments and kudos from our callers, and our clients, than any one.


Think like the customer 


Sallux is always ready and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that the call centre is providing great customer service.  He is always willing to help and cover other employees in need.  He also regards all customers with a gentle and understanding tone, offering to do whatever is needed to make sure clients get the service they need.

Passionate about Making a Difference


Michelle is working diligently to further build and strengthen the relationship between dispatch and the Mechanics and branches in the GTA.   She has taken on the very stressful roll of GTA dispatcher with grace and confidence.  

Kaizan (Continuous & Never Ending Improvement) 


Zoe always is looking to take us to the next level. Whether it be technological or just providing better service he always has suggestions on how to improve. He recently was being trained at SandPiper and when asked how to improve their new application he was so knowledgeable as to what their needs were, and how we could improve our service to their customers, that he made relevant suggestions, which they implemented.

Set the Bar High 

Kelsey Johnson

Kelsey has a knack for going above and beyond and pushing the limits.  Kelsey is running our social media, in addition to many other roles, and is never quite satisfied with out social media results.   Last week she caught us lagging in our conversions and didn’t stop until she found out what had happened and how we could fix it.  Kelsey is always striving for better and never accepts status quo.

Our Guiding Principal – Always Do the Right Thing Regardless


There was a situation where Jessica called into the call centre and there was not proper coverage.  Without hesitation she jumped into a cab and flew into the office prepared to work the overnight shift, which was not her regular shift.  She went over and above, despite the fact that it was her day off and not her ultimate responsibility.  She took immediate control of the situation, doing the right thing by our client and our business without hesitation.


Our Guiding Principal – Always Do the Right Thing Regardless


 Last December, on Christmas Eve, when the Hydro was out for about a week in some parts of Toronto, Vanessa received a call from and elderly lady (80 something) on SRT that she had no heat and was very concerned about her husband who had recently had a stroke. She had no family to call and could not make it to the €œHeat Stations€ set up in her neighbourhood. Vanessa placed several calls to different organizations to no avail. She then called the police (the division that was closest to the caller) and spoke with an officer about helping this lady. The caller’s situation was so moving that even the police officer broke down in tears when speaking with Vanessa. He transferred her to their dispatch and instructed Vanessa to tell them to send a vehicle to the home of the caller to assist them. Vanessa did this and then assured the caller that help was on its way.