A few months ago we announced that AnswerPlus Toronto was going to get a major face lift. Fast forward a few months to today and while there is still a lot of work to be done we have made significant progress.

So far we have had:

  • The carpets replaced in the boardroom, reception, front office and in Brenda’s old office
  • Multiple walls removed including the brick wall that was once the back hallway
  • Glass walls installed
  • The lounge was relocated
  • 3 new offices created
  • A new meeting room created
  • The mens washroom has been expanded and remodelled

And this is just the beginning.

In over the coming months we will have:

  • New tiles in the front entrance
  • New cubicles have been ordered and will be delivered by the end of January
  • Carpet completely replaced in Op’s
  • The supervisors station will be moved
  • Different chair models have already begun to arrive for testing
  • Front end staff will get new desks
  • The lighting will be replaced
  • The walls will be repainted
  • plus many more small changes & upgrades

The Final layout has been completed. Take a look at what you can expect to see in 2015!