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Many small businesses are beginning to realize that relying on an automated voicemail system for calls they can’t answer isn’t the best idea. On the surface, voicemail seems to be cheaper than using an answering service, but approximately 70 percent of the time, customers who are greeting by an automated answering system simply disconnect without leaving a message.

When you’re not receiving calls, you can’t convince customers to do business with you. The benefits of using an answering service to increase your profits, rather than voicemail, are well worth considering.

An answering service could be the solution to lowering your bottom line and increasing your business’s profitability.

Voicemail Doesn’t Always Convert to Business

Callers who reach voicemail may not even leave a message, because most people favour talking to a live person. A customer with a complaint, for instance, would rather vent to a real human being, so they simply won’t leave a message on a voicemail system.

No matter how much voicemail companies try to personalize or ‘humanize’ their services, there’s really no replacement for the kind of one-on-one connection a real human being can provide. Customers appreciate reaching someone who can respond quickly, and empathize with a caller when needed.

It may seem that you’re saving hundreds of dollars using voicemail, but you’re actually losing thousands in lost business opportunities. You may not even realize you have voicemails waiting. In the meantime, potential customers may have gone elsewhere.  

Reaching a live operator means your company has a better chance of converting those calls into business.  That’s how an answering service operator, who captures messages and relays them to you quickly, can help to increase your profits.

Eliminate Employee Overhead

An answering service is much more affordable than hiring a full-time receptionist to answer the phones. You eliminate a salary, benefits, vacation and sick time. With an answering service handling your incoming calls, you won’t have to worry about the liabilities associated with a full-time employee and the cost is less than a quarter of the price.

Increased Accessibility

A full-time receptionist, while prepared to answer important calls, may also be handling another call, at lunch, in the restroom or preoccupied with other office business. This can lead to missed calls that may mean missed opportunities such as a new client or a lucrative new account.

An answering service can handle all of your calls promptly, so you won’t miss any more revenue generating calls.

Builds Your Company’s Reputation

Your company’s reputation is very important to your success. The way that customer issues and inquiries are dealt with has an enormous effect on the way people see your business. If you can’t respond to your existing and potential clients quickly, an answering service should be your front line of communication.

Being accessible and handling all customer service issues in a prompt, professional manner are great ways to win repeat business, get referrals and gain loyal customers.

Prepare for the Unexpected

It’s inevitable that, due to weather conditions, there will be days and even weeks when people simply can’t get to work. When your receptionist or the rest of your staff can’t get to the office, who is going to take your calls and communicate with your clients?

When you’re using an answering service, you never have to worry about the consequences of your employees not being able to get to the office. Having an answering service means you will continue to receive business calls without interruption, even if your office phones are out of service.

Never Miss an Emergency Call

Emergency call protocols can be customized to meet your individual business needs. An answering service can patch through emergency calls immediately.

Increase Productivity

By letting an answering service take care of all incoming calls, you free up your employees to work uninterrupted and increased productivity equals increased profits. An answering service can take potential new client calls while you and your staff are busy looking after other parts of the business.

Immense Benefits for Your Business

More than ever, today’s consumers are looking for a personal touch. Many are tired of being “put off” by voicemail. That’s why having a friendly, knowledgeable representative available to answer every call will elevate your business above the competition. The advantages of having an answering service are too numerous to name. Some of the major benefits include:

  • Gives even small businesses an air of professionalism
  • No important calls are missed
  • Customer satisfaction associated with talking to a “real” person
  • 24/7 service
  • Customer requests, complaints, questions, etc. are handled in real time

Using an answering service benefits both small and large companies alike. If you own a small business and think that voicemail is hurting your business, consider switching to an answering service. We can help you gain and keep customers by improving customer service and your profits. Contact us today.

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