One of the most common mistakes a new business will make is getting too big, too quickly. High overhead costs such as office space, utilities and costly commutes quickly erode profits. The question is, how do you retain the high level of customer service that comes with an external office without the high overhead costs? Easy, take advantage of call centers and have your very own Virtual Receptionist.

What is Virtual Reception? Simply put a virtual Receptionist is exactly what it sounds like. A live person answering your calls and becoming your 24/7 receptionist, without having to be in a physical office. Our virtual receptionists are able to redirect, leave voicemails, page, email, transfer callers, fax, text and so much more, truly the sky is the limit. This allows our customers to give their clients the impression of a physical address without the limitations of having to staff and maintain an office space.

Who Uses Virtual Reception? Everyone! International companies use virtual receptionists to ensure that each branch maintains a consistent high standard of service. Plumbers, doctors, dental and legal offices all depend on virtual receptionists to answer their phones when the office is unable, allowing their patients and clients to stay connected 24/7. Not-for-profits particularly, rely on call centers help keep overhead costs low, allowing more of their funds go to the cause and ensuring that they are always available to accept donations day or night. Our call centers answer for hundreds of different industries, each requiring the individually specialized services that only a virtual receptionists can provide.

Roxanne, an AnswerPlus Virtual Receptionist

Roxanne, an AnswerPlus Virtual Receptionist

How can a Virtual Receptionists help me? The sky is the limit. Every company and industry has specific needs which must be met to ensure an outstanding customer experience. Our call center prides itself in our attention to detail and ability to offer our clients exactly what they need and often what they did not know they needed! Do you require bilingual services? 5 years ago we opened a call centre in Montreal to ensure we delivered impeccable bilingual services. Order taking, switch board services, emergency response, help desk services, reception over flow, holiday management, these are just some of the fully customizable services that virtual receptionist do.Thus allowing you to focus your funds and attention where it belongs, on your business.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Receptionist?  We are a  time management tool, by having the menial tasks taken care of your time is spent other places. Focus, the constant ringing of phones, emails and text messages is a drain on your attention, enjoy the quiet that comes from having a virtual receptionist. Peace of mind. Everyone needs some downtime, its necessary in order for your body and mind to relax. When you are constantly on call you’re not giving yourself the time to recharge so you can give your business 100%. These are just some of the many gains which come from using a virtual receptionist.

Starting out your business is an exciting time. Don’t let high over head costs, extensive commutes and stressful should-be vacations take away from the experience. Utilize a virtual receptionist and deliver the consistent customer service your customers expect and safe guard your business.