customer service representatives (CSRs) on answering phones in a call center.

Have you ever had a customer service experience where you came away thinking “If that was my company, I would never, ever speak to, or treat, my customers that way!”  Most of us have and at AnswerPlus one the key strategies that we use to provide exceptional customer service is to put ourselves squarely in the shoes of the person calling in.

Thinking like the customer is one of our core values and we use our experience, empathy and knowledge to go beyond simply responding to inquiries to anticipating our callers’ needs and saving them, and our clients, valuable time in the process.  Here are some fitting examples that come directly from our CSRs:

When I was about to dispatch another call to a very busy tire technician; knowing full well his arrival wouldn’t be for several hours, I called him and asked if would like me to call another technician from a different city who could probably get to the roadside call faster. The tech was more than pleased with my initiative to ensure that his customer was serviced quickly.” – Vanessa, CSR/Dispatcher

“Empathizing with the person calling is very important, especially when we take calls for urgent services and emergencies.  The reason the person is calling in is the most important thing to them. at that moment, and by being patient and understanding with the caller we can reassure them that their needs will be addressed accordingly.” – Caraline, CSR

“I answer a client’s line like it is my own company so I want to sound as enthusiastic, helpful and as knowledgeable as I can during the call.  From answering the call quickly so the caller does not have to wait on the line to collecting as much information from the caller for our clients, being polite and professional and giving the impression of a well-run company is always the goal.”Yasmin, CSR

Here are a few more ways our AnswerPlus CSRs think like the customer everyday:

  1. WE MAKE A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION –As the first point of contact for our clients’ customers, we know first impressions count and that’s why we answer every call in a cheerful, positive manner that conveys that we are attentive and ready to assist in any way we can. We never place callers on hold.
  2. WE’VE BEEN THERE TOO – We’ve all had bad experiences dealing with people on the phone. One of the best ways to ensure our callers receive great customer service is to remember some of the negative experiences we’ve had ourselves and avoid making those very same mistakes! 
  3. WE’RE CONFIDENT AND COMPETENT – At AnswerPlus our CSRs receive continuous training and coaching to ensure that we are equipped to address the needs of our callers and serve as confident, knowledgeable representatives of our clients. We know how to ask the right questions and gather all the relevant information we need to best accommodate and assist our callers.

By thinking like the customer, our CSRs at AnswerPlus consistently deliver a level of service and efficiency that meets and exceeds the needs our clients and their callers.   We believe in treating people the same way we would like to be treated and it comes through loud and clear on every call we answer!