With technology changing the way business is conducted, the concept of a virtual office and virtual receptionists doesn’t come as a surprise. In fact, virtual solutions are helping companies keep costs low whilst maintaining business professionalism. A virtual office, for instance, provides you with a real street address at a well-recognized business center and a virtual receptionist eases communication and handles clients.

Virtual receptionists can offer standard or customized services, based on client requirements. Some of the common responsibilities performed by them include:

Customer service and order processing – Customers may visit your site and browse your products, but seldom will they place orders without first talking to a receptionist. A virtual receptionist can handle potential customer queries and give them the confidence to go ahead and place their order(s).

Appointment/Calendar scheduling – Helping you stay organized and serving as reliable points of contact, virtual receptionists ensure that you are properly communicated about your appointments and meetings.

Live outbound calling – As your business grows, virtual receptionists can provide you support by helping you find new clients and reminding them about appointments, etc.

Forwarding and prioritizing calls – Virtual receptionists can forward calls to voicemail or screen calls and prioritize them to ensure that the most important ones are received first.

Transferring fax to inbox – You don’t need a fax machine when virtual receptionists can get your business faxes in your inbox securely!

As you can see, a virtual receptionist service offers multiple benefits and allows you to conduct business more comfortably.