Be Prepared When Technology Fails

Technology has made life amazingly simple and convenient, and it’s advancements to our industry are immeasurable! But while we do rely on it regularly to provide the best service possible, we need to prepare ourselves for those moments when even the best equipment may fail us.

Be aware and prepared!

Your organization probably has a great team of dedicated tech specialists on standby to help solve issues that arise as well as a set of procedures to follow in case of emergencies. Locate and follow those instructions, delegating the task of contacting support immediately. Fire drills are key to continuously testing and improving those emergency procedures.

Keep the lines of communication open!

Communicate, communicate, communicate. It is so crucial to inform everyone of what is going on so that everyone can adjust quickly. A strong communication plan that can transcend internet, phone and / or power issues is critical.

Get some help!

Call experts, call off-site staff and appeal to their kindness and team spirit! If you have employees who work from home, get in touch and keep them informed of the situation. They may have a solid computer and phone at home, and can take some urgent calls for a few hours while you troubleshoot the problem! It may not always be the most elegant or cost-effective solution, but it works and keeps your calls coming in.

Keep your cool!

It’s easy to panic when things go wrong, but it’s important to stay focused and calm. If you start to lose it you can guarantee that others will follow. Knowing somebody is taking charge of the situation is the best way to turn an unnerving crisis into an exciting challenge.

Oh, and order some snacks. Free pizza cheers EVERYONE up.