When the HVACR Industry Heats Up, The Answerplus Advantage™ Keeps Its Customers on Top

With the onset of the holiday season and falling temperatures, the HVACR, (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) industry is just gearing up for the busy season. Any industry that experiences service fluctuations the same way the temperatures fluctuate in Canada is going to need support.

Introducing The Answerplus Advantage™

Since 1961, Answerplus has been serving the needs of the HVACR industry specifically. The obvious Advantage to this is the wealth of expertise that has been gained by working hand in hand within the industry.

Answerplus understands that tele-support means much more than just answering the phones. By having a live voice answering the call, your business will never miss a prospect. Answerplus offers a fully integrated communications solution that will work with your existing infrastructure. This means there are no learning curves that affect your client’s ability to reach you when the need arises. Answerplus is there to triage your after-hour calls for urgency so that you can provide 24-hour support and have what you, the business owner determines is an emergency. That way, the on-call technician is focused on priority calls.

Whether you require urgent call response, reception, help desk or scheduling services, Answerplus can answer the call – in both official languages. Our bilingual team makes it easy for your clients to get answers at any time of day, no matter where they are in Canada.

Your customer may be the first priority, but building your business is a close second. One of the most difficult aspects of growing a business in the HVACR industry is staying organized and on top of scheduling. Answerplus offers Customer Service Representatives that have specific experience with absentee check-ins, lone worker check-ins, scheduling and dispatching. If you are concerned with staying current with Health & Safety requirements, Answerplus is there to support workers in the field that may be working in confined spaces, working at heights or working remotely by themselves.

When you have a need, Answerplus will answer the call.

Answerplus is the ONLY 24/7 Answering Service to provide a specialized team of Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) dedicated to answering calls just for the HVACR Industry. We service Canada and the U.S. with offices in Edmonton, Hamilton, Toronto and Montreal.