What makes up great customer service? Remember the parsley.

By: Dana Lloyd 5.3.13

What makes up great customer service? What leaves us feeling great about a product/service… so great that we want to share it with everyone? We have given this question a lot of thought and have determined that it’s not necessarily anything grandiose or over the top. We feel that it’s really in the details, the little things that make an impression.

It’s the details that we talk about, that we share with our friends. Now, having said all this, this only holds true if that product or service meets your expectations. If your expectations aren’t met then the small details don’t matter one bit. They certainly don’t make up for the lack of service or product characteristics.

I’ll use parsley as an analogy. You don’t necessarily notice if your dinner arrives with no parsley but you certainly notice if it does. But, if your meal doesn’t meet your expectations than, parsley or not, you are not impressed.

Remember to remember the parsley!