AnswerPlus Toronto Wins Call Centre Award of Excellence for 16th Consecutive Years

We are so proud!! Last week the Canadian Association for Call Centres (CAM-X) handed out achievement awards during the annual convention. AnswerPlus Hamilton, AnswerPlus Toronto, and AnswerPlus Montreal won in every category we entered!  Our Hamilton office has won the Award of Excellence for 19 consecutive years, Toronto for 16, and we believe that our newest entry, Montreal, is marking the first of many Excellence awards to come.  Next year we hope to include our youngest office, AnswerPlus Calgary, in the competition as well!

These awards involve mystery callers who rate our Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) using a comprehensive checklist of what constitutes a perfect call.  Voice quality, repetition of names and numbers, warm responses, attitude, and a genuine willingness to help each caller  our CSRs passed the test with amazing scores. Excellent effort congratulations to all of you!

Our CSRs are able to deliver this premium quality of service because they care, and our culture supports their efforts in tangible, continuous ways.  Our hiring and training programs are constantly reviewed and updated, and all staff members are coached and mentored.

And it just gets better. Barbara Bradbury, our VP Special Counsel, has been and continues to be a mentor and coach to many of our staff members as well as industry associates across North America.  We have benefitted so much from Barbara’s industry-wide focus on the importance of mentoring all personnel, from CSRs to Owners, and we are delighted that our association created an award in her honour.

Yes, the Barbara Bradbury Pay it Forward Mentoring Award was inaugurated this year and graciously accepted by industry friend Pat Vos of Drayton Valley, Alberta.

It just doesn’t get better than this. We are so proud of our CSRs, our management, our owners, and particularly Barbara Bradbury. Thank you CAM-X for recognizing our achievements in customer service with industry awards, and thank you for letting us Pay it Forward.