In 2011, 435 employees in Canada were fatally injured while on the job. I know, I had to read it more then once too. This means that everyday one worker will not be returning home to his/her family. Humbling isn’t it?

Workplace Safety

Because of this I decided to created a quick safety tip sheet for employees that work alone. Below I have listed some quick facts that are helpful in staying safe while working alone.

1) NEVER give out your personal information. Always give out your work email or work phone number.

2) When you enter a new environment for the first time make sure you take a moment to look for possible exits. If you need to leave quickly opening a door and finding a closet is not a mistake you want to make.

3) Trust your instincts -If you are uncomfortable in a situation then remove yourself and make the appropriate changes for a safer work environment.

4) Always be aware. Make sure you are scanning for potential hazards. It is always better to prevent work place accidents before they happen rather then reacting when they do.

5) When you are in your car alone lock the doors at all times. If you are working in your car park in a public parking lot with constant foot traffic and always avoid underground parking garages whenever possible.

6) Use a Safety Check-in check application. This system allows you check-in and out to ensure your safety. Should you not check out your emergency contact will be automatically notified so that they can get help to you. At AnswerPlus users are connected to our 24/7 dispatch centre, meaning that even when you go for your 4:30am jog there will always be a virtual receptionist available to get help to you should you need it.

These are just some of the very few lone worker safety tips. I would highly encourage everyone to read over the digital pamphlet, it even includes a safety check list.