Bridging the Gap Between Your Call Center Team & Your Clients

Your agents are smart, kind and skilled, but they may find themselves struggling with a particular organization or industry. Is this a problem? No. It’s an opportunity!

The first step in helping an employee who is struggling (or dreading) a particular account is to speak to them. Communication, as always, is key. Taking into account that you’ve probably hired only the best, brightest and most motivated, there must be a reasonable explanation as to why one particular type of call is giving them trouble.

If the account makes them uncomfortable or unhappy for one reason or another, listen to their concerns and attempt a compromise. The temptation to just say “it’s your job, everyone else does it, so do it” may be high, but there are better ways.

Validate the Operator’s Concerns

If the nature of the calls received are of a sensitive nature, validate the operator’s concerns and help them understand how much good they’re doing. If the callers are generally irate or impatient, there are a few possible paths to consider:

  1. Listen to calls with the operator and try to isolate the factor that causes callers to become upset.
  2. Look to your other CSRs for advice on the account in general. Your team is a strong asset, put their knowhow to use outside of live calls too.
  3. See if this might be bigger problem beyond the agent’s control, you may need to revaluate the account’s programming, the scripting or even speak to the client and get some feedback.

Brainstorm Solutions Together

Accounts that pose difficult to one or more operators are a great opportunity for everyone in your organization to come together and brainstorm solutions together, if necessary.

Also, consider bringing the clients themselves into the fold. While they trust us to handle their calls to help them focus on their core business, they’ll be happy to know that we’re unafraid of looking everywhere and anywhere for solutions and improvements.

Some will even offer to come and meet with your team and provide extra training or insight into their business/industry. In my experience, this kind of experience really speaks to your reps and lets them feel more involved in the clients operations, and the clients themselves are usually pleased with meeting the real, passionate people who are helping their customers!

Prepare for a Productive Encounter

Just remember: when agents meet clients, coffee and donuts are a must! Although a vegetables, hummus and tea will do just fine for our more health-minded readers. Whatever you decide, consider it fuel for what’s bound to be a very productive and fascinating encounter.