Elevator / Lifts


Urgent Call Response, guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Answerplus is a specialist in providing Urgent Call Response services to the Elevator/Lift industry.

We provide front-line support for immediate response on issues with your Elevators/Lifts in residential, condos, apartments, commercial and industrial buildings. Whether it is a breakdown, entrapment or another urgency, we are always there to take the call, whether you have a single elevator or thousands.

Our CSR’s are specifically trained to calm distraught callers, gather critical information and follow your escalation procedure. We maintain and provide detailed call logs, as well as provide you with a web portal to access recordings of all calls.

The Answerplus Advantage™

  • Experienced, trained and compassionate CSR’s to answer the call, every time.
  • Fully customizable, detailed reporting provided.
  • Dedicated call centre servicing companies across North America from one elevator to thousands of elevators and locations.
Elevator/Lift being Repaired

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