A Top-Quality Call Centre in Hamilton

For any business seeking the assistance of a call centre, Hamilton, Ontario has AnswerPlus and we will handle every phone-related problem that needs to be solved. Ever since AnswerPlus began in 1961, we give pleasant service to each of your callers before sending them off to you.

Here’s what we do: our Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) answer your calls then direct your customer to the staff member in your company on any land line, cell phone or pager that they specify. With our call centre in Hamilton performing off-premise reception 24/7 to numerous businesses, they receive additional help with handling their excess calls and the same satisfaction as having an on-site receptionist.

AnswerPlus is unlike any other call centre in Hamilton because we have the policy of treating our customers last. To ensure the best service to our customers’ callers, we make the benefit of our CSRs our first priority. When our CSRs have been treated respectfully, they can then give the same kind of gratitude to your callers and that measures up our amount of service to your business.

Main services that our call centre in Hamilton provides and is known for include: having our Emergency Response Team advise your company of any crises; providing answers to your callers with questions and/or concerns; serving as a backup phone line during a blackout or other disaster.

So any person may use our call centre in Hamilton, AnswerPlus is available to the public in a multitude of languages. The two main languages we offer are English and French.

Contact the AnswerPlus call centre in Hamilton to make your business run more smoothly when you’ve got professionals working your telephones.

Meet Our Team

Jennifer Ferby

Jennifer Ferby Hamilton VP Operations

Jennifer joined the AnswerPlus team in 2003. Working part time as Virtual Receptionist while completing her diploma in Social Services at Mohawk College. Her compassion and dedication to her fellow employees quickly saw her become a team lead.

Shortly after graduation Jennifer was offered the position of Operations Manager, a role in which she thrives.

Jennifer embraces her role with compassion and patience. Whether it is answering the phones, or offering a comforting shoulder to lean on, Jennifer is well known for going Above and Beyond for all AnswerPlus team members. 

122 Hughson St S
Hamilton Ontario
L8N 3W3