Meet Aswad

Say hello to Aswad, our Network Administrator!

Time at AnswerPlus: 3.5 Years

Favourite pastime: Going to restaurants with my wife to try new foods &
playing video games!

Favourite Holiday: Eid! As a Muslim, we celebrate two Eids in a year and I
always look forward to spending it with my friends and family!

Meet Aswad, our resident tech guru and Network Administrator at AnswerPlus. Working hard behind the scenes, Aswad provides tech support to our whole team while keeping our systems secure and our networks up and running, 24/7. With a genuine passion for all things tech, Aswad is always up-to-date with the latest and greatest tools and updates. When he’s not busy troubleshooting on a team’s call, you can catch him gearing up for the next epic prank battle in the Hamilton office.