Meet Jennifer

Say hello to Jen, The AnswerPlus Director of Operations!

Time at Answerplus: 20 Years

Favourite Quote: Be the reason that someone smiles today!

Claim to Fame: I ran the torch around the Skydome (aka Roger’s Centre) with
the captain of team Canada women’s soccer for the kick off the women’s
world cup being held at McMaster University in Hamilton.

Meet Jen, our dynamic director who oversees all four centres and keeps operations running seamlessly. Her journey with AnswerPlus began as a CSR while she was still in college, evolving through roles as a Supervisor and Hamilton Operations Manager. A true embodiment of our core values, Jen cares – alot. And it shows in everything she does. Whether she’s leading a team meeting or volunteering on the weekend, Jen inspires us to all leave people a little bit better than we found them.