A Top-Quality Call Centre in Hamilton

For any business in the Hamilton, Ontario region seeking the assistance of a call centre, look to Answerplus and we will handle every phone-related problem that needs to be solved. Ever since Answerplus began in 1961, we give pleasant service to each of your callers before sending them off to you.

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Montreal Operations Manager Receives Major Award

Introduced in September 2008, the Donald Swift Education Endowment (DSEE) is borne of the belief that if any individual is given an opportunity not normally available to them, a motivated personality would deliver amazing results.  The DSEE award is presented annually to the person who is deemed to most exemplify the mission statement and values promoted by CAM-X.

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Hickory Dickory Decks hires Answerplus

Tom Jacques, CEO, was seeking a solution that would guarantee a professional greeting to clients calling any of his franchises, any time of day or night. He believed that his clients deserved much more than a voicemail response, so he contacted Answerplus to see if they could help.

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