High-Quality Call Centre in Ontario

If you’re looking for a call centre, Ontario, Canada has one that is certified to treating any business’ callers with the respect that they deserve. AnswerPlus, based in Hamilton and sporting a branch in Toronto, will handle any call so your business can get work done easily.

AnswerPlus is a 24/7 inbound call centre. Ontario businesses and any others across Canada can rest assured that we’ll manage any phone task they give to us in a professional manner. Just like having a receptionist on-staff, our Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) will answer your callers, then transfer them to the member of your staff that they require. We personally make sure that our CSRs know everything about your business so they can serve your customers better. With our call centre, Ontario companies have the opportunity of having someone front end their business.

The difference between AnswerPlus and any other call centre Ontario has that businesses will discover is that we believe that quality service should be given to each caller, so our customers must come third. The welfare of our CSRs is our most important aspect so we provide them with reasonable working conditions and a pleasant environment. Once our CSRs are satisfied, they can give the same amount of gratitude to your callers.

AnswerPlus can also perform a wide variety of other services that businesses will find useful. Our Emergency Response Team gets critical information related to any crises and forwards it to your on-call staff, and we can also obtain the necessary information for product delivery from your customers and send it back to you. We provide all of our services in multiple languages so we can be a call centre in Ontario any person can use.

Contact AnswerPlus because we’re a top-quality call centre in Ontario that always treats its callers with dignity.