Our Heritage + History

We’ve been here building loyalty with your customers for over six decades. AnswerPlus is a privately-owned and operated business, that has been passed down through three generations. Learn more about our rich heritage below, and how it all started with a Hamilton woman named Dolly.

Lucy, Dana and Marius project planning

In 1961, Dolly Lloyd opened AnswerPlus at the age of 50 with a shoestring budget in a 9×9 room in downtown Hamilton, Ontario. Having invested everything she had, Dolly had no choice but to staff the operation totally on her own at first. What Dolly lacked in resources, she made up for with her sparkling personality and passion for helping others.

From the start, Dolly recognized her work served a greater purpose. When she answered a midwife’s call, she knew she was actually helping a new mother deliver a baby safely. And when she took a plumbing call, she was giving someone the peace of mind that a basement leak would not become a flood of structural and financial damages. 

Today, Dolly’s story lives on in all the ways our team makes a difference in the lives of our clients, callers, and colleagues, and the communities we serve.

Painted portrait of Dolly Lloyd, found of Answerplus
Help wanted sign

Dolly Lloyd starts Professional Answering Service (now AnswerPlus).

Dolly Lloyd passes away, but her legacy lives on. After graduating from college, her son Paul Lloyd begins working for Professional Answering Service full time.

Paul LLoyd

Professional Answering Service obtains a Radio Carrier license and opens its Radio Paging Transmitter network.

Voicemail systems are developed, threatening to put the answering service industry out of business.

Answering machine
Old advertisement

Professional Answering Service changes its name to PasWord Communications.

The introduction of the cell phone threatens to put the answering service industry out of business.

Woman dialling a number on a vintage brick telephone
Toronto skyscape

PasWord opens the Toronto office.

PasWord wins its first CAM-X Award.

Paul receiving CamX Award
Undistinguishable men shaking hands

PasWord purchases AnswerPlus in Toronto.

PasWord changes its name to AnswerPlus.

AnswerPlus logo
Hands celebrating in the air

AnswerPlus grows to 100 amazing employees for the first time.

AnswerPlus hosts its first-ever Dolly Awards.

Dolly Awards
Montreal skyscape

AnswerPlus opens up its Montreal office.

AnswerPlus opens its Edmonton Office, and Dolly’s granddaughter, Dana, purchases AnswerPlus from Paul.

Paul and Dana Lloyd
Virtual Dolly Awards

The Dolly Awards go virtual for the first time during a global pandemic. 

AnswerPlus celebrates its 60th birthday!

6 & 0 Candles
Aswad on server

All four offices are now on a cloud-based phone system