2 women with headsets answering a call with enthusiasm and passion

At AnswerPlus, we apply our Core Values to our work and interactions with callers and our clients every single day.  One core value in particular sums up exactly how all of our Virtual Receptionists feel about the work we do and what we provide to every single person that contacts us:  We are Passionate About Making a Difference!

No two calls are ever the same and while all of our Virtual Receptionists are trained and efficient in taking messages, service requests and product orders, we are also ready to address and de-escalate customer concerns, handle emergency scenarios and simply be an unbiased third party who can empathize with difficult customer situations and work to go above and beyond our fundamental service duties and have our callers saying “Wow, that person really listened to what I had to say and helped me get even more out of the call than what I was hoping for!”  Here are just a few ways that we work this important core value into every call we take:

  1.  WE TALK (A LOT!!!) BUT WE ALSO KNOW WHEN TO LISTEN – Active listening skills is a trait that all our call centre staff readily possess and we know how important it is to let our callers provide as much information as they can so we can best assist them.  When an irate caller is complaining about an issue, we realize it is the situation that is causing them distress and actively listen and takes notes to reassure the caller that we understand exactly what is happening and then use that information to work to rectify the issue as efficiently as possible.
  2. WE PUT OURSELVES IN YOUR SHOES – We understand how challenging it can be for our callers and clients when they are met with a frustrating scenario whether related to quality of service, delays or being in an emergency situation.  By extending our empathy to our callers, we can look at all the options we have available and offer the best possible solution to a particular scenario or problem.  This leaves our staff feeling satisfied that we have done all we can to help and our callers feeling satisfied that they have received the best level of customer service possible.
  3. WE UNDERSTAND THE VALUE OF TURNING A NEGATIVE INTO A POSITIVE – We know that sometimes customer frustrations can reach a boiling point.  At AnswerPlus, we are always looking for ways to amaze and delight our callers so we instinctively look for ways to offer that little something extra.  It could be as simple as offering to mark a message as urgent, explaining a confusion process or procedure or staying on the line with a customer during an emergency until help has arrived and they are safe and sound.  Our callers hear it when we smile through the phone and there is no better feeling than hearing them smile back at the end of a call to know we really helped them and they appreciate it.
  4. RECURRING ISSUE?  WE’LL MAKE SURE YOU’RE AWARE!!! – Whenever we start to see trends in the nature of calls coming in, we notify our clients about them and in cases where we see many callers experiencing the same unsatisfactory issue, we work with our clients to develop strategies to address the issues and reassure our callers that both we and are clients are aware of what is happening.  By being proactive, we save time for our callers by having the necessary information in hand so we may advise accordingly and ensure that issues are resolved in a timely manner.
  5. WE RECOGNIZE THE GREATNESS OF OUR STAFF – At AnswerPlus we recognize the value of telling our staff what they are doing right!  We love it when we hear a co-worker on a great call and do not hesitate to offer them praise when we see them going above and beyond the expectations of our callers and clients.  We share these moments with the rest of our staff and inspire and motivate our CSRs to always look to provide the highest level of customer service possible!

We understand the difference between good customer service and exceptional customer service and we are proud to demonstrate our core values in every call we take so that we can truly make a difference in the lives and productivity of our callers and clients!