From our customers

“Answerplus has a positive ‘can do’ attitude, which is why it was chosen to provide the OIS After-Hours Emergency Interpreter Service.”

Canadian Hearing Society

“Answerplus understands that our company’s credibility and commitment to our customers/clients is most important. Their CSRs provide a professional and consistent level of service.”

Thinkway Toys

“Because of the care, attention to detail, technology and knowledge that Answerplus provides, VON’s migration to Answerplus was seamless and transparent for our staff, clients and customers.”

VON Canada

“Answerplus has provided 24/7/365 telephone support for our customers. Accessing the Maplelea website, Answerplus Customer Service Receptionists, place orders for products, recommend age appropriate selections, and answer any questions. After confirming the order, they provide the caller with the total value including taxes & shipping, a verification number, and the expected delivery date. Maplelea is pleased to say that we have been thrilled with the service they have provided.”


“Answerplus is committed to customer satisfaction, and it is clear that they take pride in providing that service.  Answerplus has contributed to Enbridge Electric’s success as Ontario’s leading smart submetering provider.”


“As our Agency has grown and our answering service needs have changed, Answerplus has been there to help us meet our new
challenges. We are very pleased with the services that have been provided and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Answerplus to any company requiring communication and monitoring support.”

Black & McDonald

Facility Management Services

29 year customer

Their specifically trained and hence qualified Customer Service Representatives take complete and accurate messages from our clients.  These messages are relayed immediately to our on-call personnel and recorded electronically.  We then receive a daily email that details all call logs for our records.

Journey Management

“Answerplus is also responsible to monitor the safety of our technicians during emergency calls.  This check-in system works extremely well in that it provides peace of mind to our field personnel, our supervisors and our customers.”

“We are very pleased with the services that have been provided and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend AnswerPlus to any company requiring communication and monitoring support”

2015 Pan Am Games Accessible Booking System

The AnswerPlus telephone support has been a vital component of the Pan Am Spectator Parking project, and has helped countless people with accessible needs reserve parking spots in order to enjoy the games.

Overall, there has been very positive feedback on the quality of the AnswerPlus customer support telephone line from the public, from the client and from the internal project staff.

The level of reactivity in response to our scripting and reporting needs from the AnswerPlus management staff has been excellent throughout the project duration.

Security Company

“We would like to commend you and your staff for the excellent service your have provided our company for the past 5 years.  In particular, AnswerPlus’ quick response to our questions and concerns.”

“On many occasions, we have come to rely on AnswerPlus as a consultant for our telephone needs.  We have found your customer service staff courteous, knowledgeable and always willing to take the time to find a solution for all of our needs.”

“WOW. Until recently I believed that one answering service was pretty much the same as the next, but I am honestly amazed at the difference since I switched to AnswerPlus. On the very next day, I received 4 times as many messages as I ever did with my previous service, and I continue to receive far more messages to this day. I don’t want to think about how much business I probably lost over the years.”

“I think your “no holds” service is fabulous. My regular customers are commenting that they don’t have to hang up and try later because of long holds, and they think my new receptionist is great!”

“If only had I known the impact it would have on my business, back when I was shopping for a service, I would have chosen AnswerPlus in the first place, instead of making my decision based on price alone.”

“I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to other business associates.”

Health Care

Customer since 1996

Reaching a qualified and compassionate operator after hours is reassuring to our client and an important criterion for us.  The AnswerPlus Customer Service Representatives take complete messages from our clients and relay them immediately to our on-call personnel.  The client is, therefore, assured of a professional and prompt response regardless of what time they call.

AnswerPlus personnel are proactive in their approach to customer service, ensuring that the flow of information is current and accurate.

One aspect of their business that sets them apart is the fact that they see themselves as an extension of our business and act as if our clients are there clients.

I recommend, without hesitation, the services of Answerplus.

“You can be assured that you have a very loyal customer in the OMA; one that you can count on for many years to come.”

“It’s a tribute to the skills and professionalism of AnswerPlus people that we received only one complaint.”

“Thank you again for all your hard work and your contribution to the success of this very important project.”

“They have done an admirable job answering our line, taking and batching orders, patching calls through and working with us during vast change.”

“The reports they provide assist us as we alter our business strategies.”

“The AnswerPlus team has provided congenial, convenient, economical and seamless support over the years on a consistent basis.”

Property Management

“I want to thank you and your entire staff for the excellent service you have provided over the past 18 months for our After-Hours Emergency Service. Due to the nature of the property management industry it is challenging at best to keep on top of the ongoing changes and in particular the specific needs of our company. In addition, your staff and yourself are most accommodating when our administrative staff have questions or concerns.”

“Our District Managers and Senior Management staff are very happy with your services, often commenting on the professional level of service provided to callers. Equally important is the fact that they themselves get fewer calls as your staff is capable of properly screening the calls and handling them at the building level in most cases.”

“We look forward to continuing a long relationship with AnswerPlus.”


“AnswerPlus correctly dispatches the on call technician for the appropriate area, follows dispatch procedures accurately and documents all activity on a detailed call log summary report that we receive promptly every morning.”

“AnswerPlus customer service staff provide proactive account management and their call centre agents genuinely care about the service that they provide to our customers. Most importantly, they understand that their role as my branch’s after-hours emergency service provider means they are an extension of our business and can affect our business relationships.”

“I do not hesitate to recommend the services of AnswerPlus, who also support our industry by being both a sponsor and Associate Member of ORAC.”

“I would like to thank AnswerPlus for the sterling work you have done over the past year.  There is no comparison between you and our old service. I wish I had known about your company a lot earlier.”

“I would recommend AnswerPlus to any company that is looking for a First Class Service.”

Professional Service Insurance

“I would like to express how pleased we were with the Montreal call centre.”

“The staff were eager to understand our coverage and their questions demonstrated their desire to be able to respond to policyholder inquiries.”

Crisis Centre

“Just a little note to thank you for taking extra care of our account. I know our account can be challenging and it means so much that you take so much care to make it work.”


“I have been extremely pleased with our partnership. You have been very responsive to any of our needs, even with very short notice.”

“Your representatives are very thorough and courteous, and continue to provide us with good, accurate information.  They are quick to let us know if they are seeing any call trends.  All of your response reports come through in a timely manner and any “emergency” situations have been brought to my attention quickly.”

Payment Solutions Company

As a small business, the face you present to the world has a significant impact on your customer loyalty and turnover. We rely on dependable suppliers like AnswerPlus to help us maintain both our customer service and our reputation. In particular, I am very happy with the level of service provided by Kelsey and her tireless effort to perfect the script for our account together with the AnswerPlus team.