disaster preparedness support

No Dropped Calls

Disaster Preparedness Support from Answerplus allows you to move your command centre when disaster strikes, whether a major power outage, severe storm or an emergency onsite such as fire or flooding. Routing calls through our Toronto, Hamilton, Edmonton or Montreal call centres, or having our call centres communicate with the appropriate people in your company will keep your business up and running even when your competitors can’t be reached.

The Answerplus Advantage™

  • Calls are answered quickly by experienced Emergency Response Operators, ensuring you don’t lose calls to your competition.
  • Messages are relayed fast and accurately so your team can deal with an emergency quickly, ensuring you know the location while understanding the complete situation.
  • Operators can screen for urgent calls and know which calls to escalate based on client parameters and which calls can wait for regular office hours to minimize client costs.
Disaster preparedness - flood

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