Work Alone Check-in

Ensure the health and safety of your employees who are working alone or in remote locations. AnswerPlus provides multiple options for our Work Alone Check-in programs. We offer voice monitoring, employees call in and advise of their location, the time they will be there until and all-important contact information. If the employee fails to check in at the allotted time we will contact the employer based on the set parameters.

Our software also allows the employee to begin, end and check-in on their smart phone. Our App allows for AnswerPlus to step in only when the employee presses the panic button, or if they have missed their check-in. This option saves our customers time and money.

We also offer a dashboard that allows supervisors to monitor the check-in status of their employees. It informs them who is working where, for how long, their health history, medications and even if their employees  phone battery is dying. Supervisors and managers will always be aware of their employees safety without having to interrupt them as they work.

In addition to the peace of mind of knowing your employees are safe, your company will benefit from:

  • Ensuring contact with remote employees is monitored and documented.
  • A reduction in personal injury incidents for your employees.
  • Real-time reporting of calls and contacts should an incident occur.

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