6 Ways Answering Services Can Help You Return to Work

As Ontario enters phase two of reopening, answering services can help you return to work safely and with confidence. Many business owners are wondering what getting back to business will look like, so we’ve highlighted six ways an answering service can optimize this transition.

1. Answering services can make your return to work more consistent.

This is true for both your employees and your customers who will be adapting to new guidelines and protocols. Whether you have one, or multiple branches of your business, operating hours, client accounts, call-handling instructions and FAQs may need updating more regularly. In the face of changes, consistent reception provides an additional level of reliability to ensure everyone’s’ return to work is smoother.

2. Answering services can make the return to work safer.

When virtual receptionists answer your calls, you can minimize the concentration of people in the office. Furthermore, answering services can keep employees that are still working remotely safe by providing regular work alone check-ins via smartphone. As a result, supervisors can stay aware of their employees’ safety without having to interrupt their work.

3. Answering services provide insight into client changes when you return to work.

A centralized summary of your call data makes it easier to analyze and identify patterns. In turn, this makes it easier for you to better understand new behavior and serve your customers’ changing needs. As you return to work, this centralized summary will allow you to highlight changes in call volumes and times and any adjustments that need to be made to FAQs, scripts, order taking, and appointment scheduling processes.

4. Answering services allow you to focus on what matters most when you return to work.

If like us, you are finding the logistics of re-entering are more complex and lengthy compared to going remote, an answering service can help. Getting back to business looks different for everyone. Answering services can be tailored to your individual needs and streamline this process. This allows you to take the necessary time to focus on your team with the peace of mind that calls are being answered with care and expertise.

5. Answering services allow for flexibility when you return for work.

Many employees are asking for a hybrid of work — dividing their time between the office and working from home. An answering service can empower your team to do so without having to get IT involved at every turn.

6. Answering services can help even if you don’t return to work.

If you have had to abandon your workspace or need extra space and resources for a temporary campaign, specialized project, or unexpected disruption, answering services can provide support through a pop-up contact center. This is a secure and affordable alternative if you’re still on the hunt for a new space to return to work.

We hope that this post has been insightful. For more posts like this one check out our resource library. If you’re ready to return to work, get started with an AnswerPlus answering service and contact us!

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