To our valued customers: 

With the uncertainty of the future impact of COVID-19, a lot of our customers have put in place a pandemic plan to ensure the continuity of their businesses. As part of their plan, quite a few have reached out to us to incorporate AnswerPlus as the backup to their communication needs.

How we can help:

In the event of office illnesses or quarantine, you have the ability to forward your phone lines to us, ensuring your calls continue to be answered. We can then transfer calls, or relay messages, to ensure your business remains operational.  

We can help with:

  • Virtual Reception Services – Call forward your lines to AnswerPlus and we can take your calls, relaying all messages to your team.  We are operational 24/7.
  • Temporary Call Taking – Call forward your lines to AnswerPlus in the event that help is only required for a short period of time.
  • Overflow of Calls. – Should your call volume increase, or you are at reduced staffing levels, and your team cannot manage the call volume, overflowing calls to AnswerPlus can ensure all calls continue to be answered.
  • Screening of Calls – Should your business capacity alter and you are only able to take certain types of calls (i.e. urgent/essential calls), AnswerPlus can front-end your phone lines and only transfer those specific calls.

Our Plan:

Our team has the capability to work remotely. In the event of a quarantine, our agents can continue to work from home, logging into our network remotely. They are presented with the same information, audio, screens, and visuals as they would from our offices.

We have had agents work remotely for over ten years and have the infrastructure to handle this model.  We have expanded our remote network to increase our base capacity. Furthermore, we have four offices across Canada (Edmonton, Hamilton, Toronto, and Montreal) allowing us to share call volume amongst a greater pool of people.

If you would like to discuss more specifics please contact us at 1.888.727.9673.

Kindest Regards,

Dana Lloyd

CEO – AnswerPlus Inc.

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