Despite all the challenges we all have faced in recent months, there have certainly been some lessons learned.  Recently, we were challenged to outline and articulate practices we have adopted during COVID-19 that we plan to continue once it is over. 

Things that have pushed us to do things differently — ultimately making us stronger. We thought we would share with you some changes we’ve embraced that we will carry with us post COVID-19 to remain resilient:

1. Communication

We have developed and adapted to more frequent communication through new channels, which has strengthened our communication and connections, specifically within teams across offices.

2. Employee Wellbeing

The mental and physical wellbeing of our employees has always been our top priority, but we have increased our efforts to frequently and consistently check-in, offering as much support as possible. Additionally, we are making sure we are providing our team with the right supports and resources to meet their needs. 

3. Quick Decision Making

We have been able to act more swiftly than ever before. It only took us ten days to go 100% remote — in the past, this process would have taken us months. We now realize that we can pivot our processes quicker by:

  • Bringing together the right people to form a team
  • Appointing a leader
  • Fully supporting that leader to make decisions quickly

4. Learning Together

We often turn to teammates to solve problems after trial and error on our own. In order to problem-solve more effectively, we’ve harnessed the power of creative collaboration and teamwork. Learning from others has saved us a significant amount of time and effort while providing us with valuable insights we would have otherwise missed out on.

5. Strong Teams Sustain Change

We knew this before, but it has only become clearer during the pandemic. In times of crisis or prosperity, we are dedicated to the continuous development of our team. Strong team members are the backbone of an effective and efficient business strategy and have proven crucial to our short and long-term success. 

There are many things that feel out of your control right now, but you can still dedicate your time to working on the things that are. All of us get to choose how we shape this time and what we take away from it.

What we WILL remember is that our team and our guiding principles remained strong under pressure and we learned valuable lessons for continuous improvement.

We hope this post inspired you to reflect on the lessons you have learned so far.  For more insight and resources, visit our resource library.