Accuracy Matters in Message Taking

We work on politeness, we strive for efficiency, and we celebrate culture. But if the messages we take are not accurate, then sadly, none of that matters.

Everyone in the organization, from the Customer Service Receptionists (CSRs) to the trainers, supervisors, managers and owners share in the responsibility of making your business a success. As such, you all have to come together to do your part in delivering flawless messages.

It’s at the very core of our industry. Our versatility, people skills and improvisational skills make us an invaluable service to our clients, but make enough mistakes, and a cheap, efficient little box becomes much more enticing.

And that’s not to mention the fact that people rely on us, for the sake of their business, their homes, their health and getting information to their loved ones.

As agents, it’s important to take the time to listen to a caller and get the information accurately. Confirm the information down to the smallest details, and don’t cut any corners. While a caller maybe irritated that you’ve asked them to spell a street name 3 times due to bad reception, it’s nothing compared to how irritated they would feel if that urgent delivery never made it to the right address because of a simple typo.

As trainers and team leaders, diligence is key. Reward accurate message-taking, whether it’s part of your company’s incentive strategy, or just run contests and raffles for employees with zero errors. Likewise, immediately look into any extra training possibilities for agents who struggle in that area. Putting a firm, consistent emphasis on accuracy sends a clear message throughout the workplace.

And for our friends in technical support or programming, your assistance is invaluable as well. While it may seem obvious to some, enabling your agents’ access to spell-check, while giving your supervisors the tools to monitor and listen to recordings helps minimize any mistakes that may occur.